Surgical Abortions

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Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion is an outpatient procedure that terminates pregnancy into the second trimester of pregnancy.

  • Your surgical abortion may be a one-day or two-day procedure – depending on how far along you are.

  • You will have a short recovery time after the procedure in the clinic.

  • You will be given medications and detailed aftercare instructions.

  • This option requires you to have a driver present to ensure your safety.

  • This is a good option for those women who want to leave the clinic knowing the process is completed.

  • Your follow up visit is included in the cost of your procedure, or you may follow up with your own physician.

Pre-Operative Medications

Surgical procedures only take a few short minutes to complete but can be uncomfortable. Though we do not give general anesthesia, we do give you IV medications before the procedure to help you relax and keep you comfortable.

Each patient is carefully evaluated to ensure they are a good candidate to receive the medications and will be carefully monitored during the procedure.

Following the procedure, patients are able to dress and walk to the recovery room where they will be monitored and can rest.

Patients receiving pre-op medications may not eat or drink for at least six hours before their appointment and are instructed not to drive when they are discharged from Recovery.